About Me

Welcome! My name is Taylor, and this blog is my brain on health policy. I am developing a cohesive framework for understanding how to solve our healthcare problems, and this is my place for keeping track of it all and for making my insights publicly available for scrutiny and critique, so scrutinize and critique away!

I have an undergraduate degree in business strategy (which has provided more insight into how we can fix the healthcare system than I ever could have imagined), and I am now in medical school. I have been anxiously engaged in thinking, researching, and writing about health policy since partway through undergrad, which is when I discovered my passion for it. My dream job is to be the lead health policy advisor to every politician trying to figure out how to redesign his/her healthcare system. I’ve already done this in a dream once, but Pres. Obama kept getting distracted by Gladys Knight (I’m still not sure why she was there).

I’m open for anyone to contact me with questions, points of disagreement, ideas for collaboration, or whatever (except for advertising inquiries, which I ignore): tjaychristensen@gmail.com.


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