About Me

Welcome! My name is Taylor, and this blog is my brain on health policy. This is the place where I consolidate and refine my insights.

Let me tell you how I found health policy.

Way back as a pre-med undergrad, I read Atul Gawande’s Complications, which opened my eyes to the fact that the healthcare system is an incredible and complex problem needing to be solved. Ever since then, I have been researching, thinking, and blogging about that problem, which has led to a degree in business strategy, part of a health policy Ph.D. (institutional funding’s a killer), a year spent designing payment reforms for the state of Utah, and various other research endeavors. My dream is to be the health policy adviser to every decision maker involved in designing our future healthcare system.

I am currently an internal medicine resident physician and also have 5 young kids, so my blogging time is limited, but I shoot for about 1 post per month.

I’m open for anyone to contact me with questions, points of disagreement, ideas for collaboration, or whatever (except for advertising inquiries, which I ignore): tjaychristensen@gmail.com.


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